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The 48 Hour Challenge...How Fast Can You Write Super-Persausive Sales Copy?
I was challenged by a friend...Can you write 3 pieces of outstanding copy in 7 days or less?  Hell yes I can!  Here is the first online sales letter I wrote in under 48 hours.  In sales copy speed can mean quality too.  Note the Eugene Schwartz type "fascination" in the box titled "The 5 Minute Power Forumla You Can Use Immediately"...

The Tube Traffic Package Email...Over 10% Response Rate...
Would you like to get over 10% response rate from an email that sold a product everyone is selling?  This email did just that (I've adapted it slightly for the web).  First I put together a fantastic package of products explaining how to create online videos and use them to market your business. Second I gave a great price for the whole package...just $19.97...and third the email is obviously genuine and packed with personality...

How To Split Test 4 Changes To Your Website 100% Guaranteed To Increase Your Sales

This copy sells a service that allows you to sit back and let two proven online experts mulitply your sales.  Note the "pattern interruption" prehead.

Free Report: 3 Secrets Of Online Sales Copy
This widely applauded report reveals 3 neglected fundamentals of writing powerful online sales copy - bringing back the client driven service ethic to online marketing.  Discover the proven insider secrets of increasing the average sale in your online business to $700 or more.

Compared To Gary Halbert
Brian Keith Voiles and Dan Kennedy

"I've had the pleasure to work with and be coached by almost all of the best copywriters to walk this planet, first it was Brian Keith Voiles, then Gary Halbert."

"I was featured in Dan Kennedy's No BS Marketing Newsletter as a protege."

"But lately the one man I go to if I want to instantly increase sales is Andrew Cavanagh.  In 10 minutes he can give you more actionable profit-producing marketing and copywriting insights than anyone working online today."

"My only warning about Andrew is that you'd better be prepared before you talk to him about the sales process and the sales copy in your business because you're going to leave with one huge brain expansion headache."

Jason Cox copywriting
CEO and Founder:
J Money LLC, Alberquerque, New Mexico

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Maximize Your Exit Teleseminar Series
When you sell a high priced product online think seriously about usng a phone number as your main call to action.  This is even more effective if you have trained telephone staff.

Forum Secrets Package

A good example of bundling to add value to your offer.

Marketing Secrets For Natural Health Professionals
This is a great example of selling marketing information to a niche that is almost entirely ignorant of marketing knowledge.

Free 59 Minute Copywriting Audio - How To Find A Hungry Market Online
This free audio reveals one of the biggest secrets to succeeding in any online or offline business - finding a hungry market that's easy to get to before you do anything else.

7 Hidden Ways Audio Can Control The Minds Of Your Prospects
A report that leads into all of Michael Senoff's audio products and services.  Reports like these can be very valuable to use in an email autoresponder series to sell a product.

How To Use Free Publicity To Sell A Boat Load Of Information Products
Another free report written from my own experience appearing regularly on 40+ radio stations across Australia.  One HUGE advantage of having me as a copywriter is that I have tremendous real world experience selling information products.

Michael Senoff's $3,900 Information Product Creation System FREE 30 Day Trial

I'ts astonishing how seldom free 30 day trials are used to sell products with digital downloads. Amazing when you consider how effectively this kind of offer reverses the risk for your prospects online.

In this project I created the product and the sales page.  This product is actually a lead generator for Michael's $7,000+ audio recording service.

Michael Senoff's Information Product Creation System For Copywriters - Microniching
I suggested and wrote the sales copy for this product.  It's exactly the same information product creation system as above.  This is a great example of microniching - niching the same product for several different small markets.

FREE Report: How To Create A Flood Of New Clients And Customers
Well written reports like this one can be a great lead in for a product that requires in-depth explanation.  This report leads into Michael Senoff's "infomerical" service.

How To Create An Army Of Live Salesmen - Infomercial Service
A great example of giving dimension to a service by explaining in detail a whole variety of benefits they'll experience from that service.

Who Else Wants A STUNNING Audio Information Product Clients Rave About
This report offers a free consultation as a lead generator for Michael Senoff's multi-thousand dollar audio information product creation service.  Note the number of testimonials.

If You Can Talk Into A Phone You Can Be Selling Your Own High Priced Audio Program In As Little As 7 Days
This is a sales letter for the full audio product creation service.  Later the pricing was taken off this sales letter allowing Michael to quote accordingly for different projects and successfully charge up to US$17,000 (so far).

Are You Making These Profit Sucking Mistakes When You Answer Your Business Phone?
A system for answering a business phone for you and your staff that multiplies your profits.  I wrote the sales letter and helped to create this product.

How You Can Turn $20,000 In Turnover From Incoming Calls Into $238,363 In Just One Year Failing Half The Time
This is one of a series of pages for an email autoresponder series for the above phone secrets system.  Having a well thought out series of emails and pages with reports, audio and video can create a massive increase in response.

How A 9 Year Old Shoe-Shine-Boy From Detroit Sold More Cars Than Any Other Man Alive
A salesletter for a postcard marketing system for car salesmen.  Postcard marketing and other offline marketing methods can be very effective for websites.

Get Your Blog On The First Page Of Google 100% Guaranteed
This is a great example of the offer being everything online - over $9,000 value for $97.
Tinu Abayomi-Paul is a real pleasure to work with and the world's leading expert on using blogs to create free search engine traffic.

The guarantee in this offer is breathtaking especially in a field where the average product is garbage.

How To Buy Established Profitable Websites
For Pennies On The Dollar
This copy I wrote for a friend is interesting because it's just one DVD. No extra downloads. No bonuses. Yet the response was fantastic – well over 10%.

A no-brainer really. Anyone thinking of spending thousands of dollars on buying a website is not going to hesitate for a minute to buy an excellent DVD from website buying guru Kirt Christensen.

$700 Worth Of FREE Jay Abraham Tapes – Michael Senoff
A carefully crafted piece of copy for leading marketing consultant Michael Senoff that reduces the freebie seekers by stating upfront that the cost is $700 then right at the end creates immediate action with a free 15 minute consultation.

After releasing this copy Michael was chained to the phone for weeks with new clients...$700_Offer.htm

Double The Email Subscribers

"Andrew your landing page has more than doubled the number of email addresses I'm capturing from my site."

"Thank you again."

Michael Senoff Copywriting
CEO and Founder:
San Diego, California

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$3,900 HMA Marketing System – Michael Senoff
This HMA marketing consultant's system is one of Michael Senoff's hottest sellers with a $3,900 price tag. Demonstrates the possibilities for selling high ticket information products online...

Is Michael Fortin Making These Mistakes With His Online Copy?
This is a rewrite of Michael Fortin's copy for ContextCash and something you really want to consider.  Even the greatest copywriters alive do NOT write their greatest copy when they write for themselves.  It's nearly impossible to be objective about your own products.

Even if you're a brilliant copywriter you should still have a savvy copywriter and marketer write, rewrite or at least review the copy you do for your own products.  If you don't you're just throwing money away.

Golf DVD Preorder
Imagine collecting thousands of dollars for a product you haven't manufactured yet. These two emails and website copy did just that. Why risk your shirt before you've produced a product when you can test your list with a preorder?...

Marketing Secrets For Natural Health Professionals
A great example of selling information into a niche where the marketing knowledge level is very low.  In many niches the most basic marketing information is like a revelation.

One Prospect Flew Across The Country

"Andrew's online methods work."

"We had a prospect fly across the country from Louisiana to California to attend an AVI workshop after listening to audio previews Andrew put on our site."

"And that's just one of the many amazing stories I could tell you."

Yoga copywriting
Training Program Co-ordinator:
American Viniyoga Institute
Mauii, Hawaii

Raising A Healthy Child
This sales letter appeals to our natural tendency to want to do the right thing for people we love.  We may not want to eat well and exercise ourselves but we don't want to make our children sick...

How To Prevent Bird Flu
The health market is probably the toughest on earth with increasingly sceptical prospects and a glut of information products on the market. This is where I cut my teeth and continue to work as a copywriter and marketer for my own products.

This copy sells my “How To Prevent Bird Flu” audio CD online day in, day out. Please note I do NOT normally do health copy for clients. My specialty is copy for marketing information products.

Undersize Me Health Membership Site
This is a health membership site using butterfly marketing scripts.  One secret well worth considering is the possibility of charging a monthly membership and creating an ongoing income.

FREE 32 Minute Joint Venture Auido – Robin Elliot
Robin Elliot is the world's leading expert on using joint ventures to create risk free profits in small business. On this web page you can download a full 32 minute audio of Robin revealing his joint venture secrets.  Note how the free download is given away on this page...

I Think He Invented The Saying "Go The Extra Mile"

"What first impressed me about Andrew still does: his absolute integrity and professionalism."

"I think he invented the saying "Go the extra mile" - nothing is too much trouble for his grateful clients and associates."

"If you want a secure, uplifting business relationship Andrew is your man."

Robin Elliot Copywriting
Vancouver, Canada
2002 Who's Who Of Entrepreneurs
2006 Who's Who Of Professionals

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The Letter With A 41%+ Response...
This letter had the mayor, a coucillor and a prominent member of the Australian government unwittingly agree to break the law. (It's illegal for a politician to promote or favour a particular business in Australia). When we realized our error we immediately made a few minor changes to the promotion to make it legal.
This referral letter and letter are both a great example of using personlisation – the name in the headline was changed for every recipient. Personalisation is a vital key to increasing your response from big ticket sales...

Integrated Marketing Campaign
This is a groundbreaking, mainly offline campaign I created. It integrates free publicity, joint ventures, lead generation, publicity through charities and schools, thank you campaigns and more. The campaign is an education in marketing all by itself.

Normally I would NEVER let anyone see an integrated campaign for one of my clients but since this campaign was never used and it excludes some of the advanced online techniques I use you can get a rare glimpse of real marketing genius...(this is a pdf file – you'll need adobe acrobat reader to open it)...

Mailbox Millionaire
In my opinion this is a far more emotive headline and lead for this fantastic product. It's more specific and it tells the story in an emotionally charged way while constantly talking to the prospect...

Agora's Breakthrough Advertising
Gene Schwartz deserves a compelling prehead and headline for this product. Online a prehead that's gets your prospects to KEEP READING is absolutely vital...

The Most Elegant Low Cost Strategy I've Ever Seen

"I had 25 years of business management expertise before I started the highly successful focused networking groups in 1994."

"In over 30 years of business Andrew's approach to marketing has to be the most elegant, low cost strategy I've ever seen."

Donna Willon Copywriting
CEO and Founder:
Focused Networking Group Of Companies
Vancouver, Canada

10 Secrets To Muliplying Your Profits With A Mastermind Group - Focused Networking
This is an example of using a valuable report (which I wrote) as a lead in to a sales page...

10 Networking Secrets To Flood Your Business With Clients - Focused Networking Group
Another example of the report lead in approach for the same client...

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